I apologize, I am a little late to the game here, my monthly blog post is a bit delayed. This month started off pretty busy for me, if you read my last blog post I had a lot to look forward too!!! Until now I haven't had a moment to sit down and write a bit. I had a full calendar, with a lot of cake orders and cake decorating classes scheduled, I was almost completely booked through June... Fast forward to today, and holy moly I don't know what is happening in the world. Its almost like I am watching a movie, it seems so surreal. Almost all of my cake orders have been cancelled for a couple the next month and as for the end of April and May, we are waiting to see what happens. I am not going to lie, I was freaked out, scared, nervous of what is to come. I am trying to find a new normal to temporarily help my mind deal with what's going on so that I can be strong for my family.

In situations like this we can either choose to shut down and become sad and lose hope OR we can become innovative!! We are forced to think outside the box, be creative and come up with ideas that can work in a world where we HAVE to stay home & there are no more birthday parties! We all still want to celebrate our birthdays, and its especially important for children to still feel a sense of normalcy when their whole world had been flipped upside down. If you or a family member is having a birthday we can still provide you with a small cake, a cake jar, cupcakes or cookies. I will do my best to accommodate all requests so please don't hesitate to reach out.

During this first week of quarantine I actually found myself quite busy! My calendar was completely open again, so I decided to offer a cookie decorating activity kit. Parents everywhere are looking for activities that their children can do at home. These kits have been a big hit! They include 1 dozen sugar cookies, 3 bags of royal icing, and 3 colorful sprinkle varieties. Kits are being picked up or delivered and the children are loving decorating and eating them. Baking and being creative is a calming activity and has always been a kind of mental therapy for me. I hope that I can provide this for others as well. I am currently offer a kit featuring mixed cookie designs for both boys and girls, as well an Easter themed kit. Please go to my shop page to place order for Easter before April 2nd!

I also have plans to offer a cake decorating kit! We will start off with something simple but I have ideas for some fun designs that kids and adults can do at home!

We all have a lot more time on our hands and what a better time than now to have fun decorating a cake and being creative. Keep your eye on the shop page for these at home "quaratine kits!"

If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to email me.

Since celebrations have become quite small these days we are also working on restocking our cake jars!!

We have brought back our popular Rainbow Cookie Cake jar, they are now in stock and available to order on the SHOP page.

We will baking up more fun flavors such as our classic Cookies & Cream and Funfetti flavors. I will also be adding Lemon back in and maybe a delicious Carrot Cake Jar! (Carrot cake is my absolute favorite by the way). Any special flavor requests?? Feel free to email me, I still have tasting boxes available to order which make a great gift for a loved one, a hospital worker, or anyone who could use a little joy and sweetness in their lives!

A big change that is coming for us here at Rachel's Cakes is our new name and logo!!! The name is changing to Frosted Artistry, I love it and I love our new logo design, I hope you do too. Don't worry, it will still be me here baking & creating your beautiful cake and cookie designs. Our phone number will stay the same too. I will be changing the website over to www. and I will have a new email address (keeping the old one too for awhile until everyone is up to date!) I will continue to keep you up to date on these changes.

Thats all for now! I hope that all of you are staying well and doing the best you can despite the circumstances. We will get through this by working together. My mission has always been to bring joy to people through my delicious desserts and I can't think of a better time that we need more smiles!

Rachel’s cakes is growing up! You may be wondering what that means… We have a lot of changes going on, all for the better. My business has developed over the years into more than just cakes. I do classes, parties, cupcakes, cookies and cake jars!! My skills have increased dramatically and I see myself as an overall confectionary artist more than just a cake decorator. I am currently enrolled in a Master mind business

class because believe it or not I don't know as much about running a business as I should...I started this business with the idea of baking and decorating fun cakes! But there is a lot more that goes into it than that...there is ALOT of correspondence with clients, invoicing, expenses, planning, marketing, branding, website updating, social media. Paperwork that I dread!! I'm sure that a lot of you can relate to that. I'm learning every day and one thing that I've realized is that my name & logo don't really represent this business as best as I could. So I have been having a lot of fun figuring out a new name & logo for Rachel’s cakes! I hope you are all excited to follow along and take this journey with me!

So another fun project that I have been working on are my Cake Tasting Boxes!! I am so in love with these, they are exactly what I wanted and are a perfect presentation for my cake jars. The idea came to me to provide cake jars for specific people who wanted to do a cake tasting (for weddings or large cake orders). However, Ive discovered that these boxes also make great birthday and thank you gifts, hostess gifts, or for anyone who really just wants to try a variety of flavors. In order to provide a more personalized experience I am packaging 6 flavors of cake jars into a beautiful box, it will include tasting spoons and a few of my most popular flavors. The flavors will vary, but in the future I will be providing seasonal tasting boxes and maybe even subscription boxes. These boxes are now open to preorder for the end of February, early March availability. I am so excited for these and I hope you love them as much as I do!!

You may have noticed I have started adding cake decorating classes to my events. I discovered while doing cake decorating parties that i really enjoyed teaching the kids to decorate, and I loved seeing how each of their cakes turned out.  I am working with a few local businesses to set up classes in their venues. I plan on doing 2 each month and I am coming up with more and more ideas. My first 2 classes are this week in St. James & Northport, featuring a fun Valentines day drip cake. I have gotten some feedback from my customers about other classes that would interest them, such as flower cupcake bouquets, ice cream cone drip cakes, and geode cookies! I have some fun ideas for kids clases (like a spaghetti and meatball cake!) as well so keep checking back with us for the schedule.

I will also will be speaking at Women's Power Brunch in April for High school students. When I first was approached about this I wondered if my story, my business was good enough for this...however after talking it through I realized I do have a story. I may not have taken the typical path or the most direct one but my path & my choices have led me here. And more than anything I want my children and other teenagers out there to follow their passions and pursue their dreams. You can do something you love and enjoy & make money doing it! You don't have to settle for a life that is just mediocre. It is not easy, it takes a lot of work and time and investing your whole self into it, but it is soooo worth it. 

Another exciting thing happening in my life is that I interviewed for a Confectionary Wars TV show! I am super excited and scared to death to do something like this, but I had to take a chance and at least try. I want to challenge my skills and artistic ability and this is probably the most extreme way to do it! I won’t know if I'm cast on the show for at least a few more weeks but send me your positive vibes and lets hope. Either way it was an achievement for me to interview with them!

As you can see I am in a highly motivated state over here!! I want to share my energy, I attribute that to a passion for what I have created and am creating. I want people to see that you can do this. I have also been reading (and by read I mean listened to on AUDIBLE, becasue really who has that much time to read these days!) ALOT!!   I highly reccomend these books for overall self growth & personal development and motivation. They are- “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, “The 5 Second Rule”, by Mel Robbins, and “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. These have all helped me tremendously in getting more focused with my business and personal life.

If you enjoyed this blog please comment below!! Let me know what you are interested in, any fun class or cake ideas that you would like to see??

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Happy New Year everyone! I figured since it's the start of the new year we will start off with the basics. Many bakers assume that their customers know how to place an order for a cake. Seems easy right?? Well I have learned that's not the case, you all have a lot of questions, and I'd love to help answer them. So here we go!

How do I place a cake order? How much will it cost?

Many of my inquiries for cake orders start out like this-

Customer- "Hey, I need a train themed cake for my kids 3rd birthday, how much will that cost?"

It is impossible for me to give a price with such little information. One of the most important things I need to know is how much cake does the client need? How many people do they want to serve? Often I'm sent a picture of a 3 tier cake when the customer only needs to serve 30pp. Those 3 tier cakes are beautiful and show stopping and can often be redesigned to a smaller size, however most people don't want to pay for 30 servings of extra cake.

If price is not a factor and you just want a show stopping cake I can always make that for you as well! Another trick (so that you aren’t leftover with a ton of cake) is to use a dummy cake as one of the tiers. A dummy cake is a piece of styrofoam shaped like a cake tier. For example, say you want that 3 tier cake but you only need to serve 30pp, we can recreate the largest bottom tier out of a “dummy” tier. This dummy cake is decorated exactly the same, you just don't need to cut that tier. 

Another helpful piece of information is the design or theme of the cake. I am often sent pictures of cakes that the client likes, which is very helpful. Often I will take those ideas and come up with something a unique design that incorporates everything that you (the client ) likes. Many times I'm sent a picture of a cake that the client wants me to replicate exactly.  If you are not sure what you want that is fine too, I can work with you to come up with the exact custom design you want to wow your guest at your event. 

*After receiving all of the above relevant information I can give you a price quote!!

When sending an inquiry I will also need to know the date of your event/party. Certain times of the year get booked up very quickly and I have to make sure I can accommodate your order. This is why I always recommend contacting me as soon as you know the date of your party. Two months advance notice is usually a safe bet, however I do sometimes have last minute availability also so it never hurts to ask.

“So what happens now, how do we place the order?”

After our initial contact and you decide you would like to place your order with me, I first will send you an invoice to collect a deposit. The deposit is usually 100$ or half of the price of your cake order whichever is greater. The invoice will include any relevant information that pertains to the cake order as we discussed (by phone, email, or Facebook messages). After the invoice is sent and I have received your deposit, I will work on and send you a sketch of the design (if needed) and I can order any special materials I may need for your order. I like to have all details for the cake order (such as filling, flavors, exact colors, delivery, etc..) 3 weeks in advance of the party date. I am always available to answer any questions related to the cake by email or phone throughout the process. The balance of the cake is due 1 week prior to the party/event. 

Do you deliver?

Yes I do deliver! I deliver for free to my local area of Smithown, St. James, and Nesconset. Anything outside of that area has a fee. Delivery fees are based on mileage with a minimum of 30$.

What if I want to pick up my cake?

Many of my customers do pick up their cake orders. I make the cakes structurally sound so they can be delivered safely. They are boxed in sturdy cake boxes.

You must understand that I am not responsible for the cake once it is picked up. I will advise you if I think its better for me to deliver the cake. 

Single tiers, even smaller 2 tier cakes, cupcakes, cake jars are more easily transported. 3 tier cakes are a little more tricky. You need a flat even surface, where the cake will not be able to move around or slide in the car. You need to drive carefully! No sharp turns or short stops ( trust me, I learned this the hard way!)  

*one trick I learned and now do every time I deliver my cakes, is to line the trunk with shelf liner. The rubbery, tacky kind. This way when I put the large cake box back there it doesn't slide around on the carpet. It works perfectly!!

I hope this information was helpful!! Please comment or reply with any other questions you may have and I will respond with another post soon.


At Frosted Artistry, we aim to provide you with the best customer care & the best tasting cakes ;)


P.S. We now ship cake jars & cookies!

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